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Brow Rulers

You'd be shocked at how many requests I get for proper brow mapping and shaping techniques. A brow ruler is your must-have necessity for accurate shaping and perfect brows!

Why do you need it? A brow ruler allows for perfect symmetry and allows you to wax brows much easier when outlining the brow area. It's usually super bendable and flexible plastic so you can bend it to your clients' individual face shape. They allow for you to ensure equal length and shape. How to use: 1. Align the ruler flat against the forehead around the brows. You need to locate the centre of your face and then press down the ruler. 2. Next, you can use either a brow pencil or a white liner pencil to mark the centre of the brow, as well as where it should stop and end. It's very possible that your brows are uneven and seem to start and end at different points! This is why the ruler is essential for locating the right start and end angles. There are many tips for shaping, including: if you shape your brows closer together, your nose can appear thinner. A wider gap in between brows also makes many appearances more youthful. So you can decide what works best for you! 3. Check where your brows arch and make corrections with a brow pencil so that the arch stays in the correct place for both. 4. The overall length is crucial, so use that brow pencil to mark off where both end symmetrically and you can always draw in or wax/tweeze off any additional hairs in case there's too much or too little on one side. 5. Finally, remove the ruler and check for any finishing touches! And that's how simple it is!

Hope this was helpful!


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