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Marketing your business on social media

In todays modern world the traditional ways of advertising have gone out of the window, with more and more beauty businesses relying on word of mouth and visual representations online to ensure their success. Without social media accounts your beauty business is invisible as the majority of clients admit they check businesses socials out before they book treatments.

What are the benefits of social media? Think of social media platforms as your virtual shop window, it represents everything you want your business to be known for. They’re also a great way of staying connected with clients, building relationships and a loyal client base as well as networking with other businesses.

Here are some top tips for promoting your business online.

1. Target your market audience

The social media platform you choose to use should depend on your client demographic. Younger users are choosing platforms TikTok and Snap chat over Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is a very popular choice for millennials and has an incredible 2 billion person user base! Making it a great choice for a new business. Whilst Facebook still maintains a large 25-35 demographic their largest growing demographic is the 65+ group. Something to consider when starting your socials is the best option for connecting with your target audience.


2. Promoting your work

Ensure that your business account is a representation of the work you carry out within the business, this should be separate from any personal accounts. When people search for your business they want to see images of your nails/lashes instead of your dog!

You only have a split second to grab someones attention when scrolling through their socials. You need to make your posts as impactful as possible, whether it be through images of your work or video clips. To get the best images you may want to invest in equipment such a good quality camera, a ring light and for videos a sturdy camera stand for smooth footage.

Before and after images work incredibly well to showcase the work you do, these are found to get more interaction from users.

3. Schedule your posts

It can be busy work starting a business and finding the time to update your accounts may become a challenge. Aim to set some time each week to preschedule and plan your posts for the week to save on any last minute panic posts! Facebook and Instagram are connected through Meta and have useful integrated systems to allow you to schedule posts in advance. There are also companies such as Hootsuite which can do this for you using an app.

Research the times of day that are the best to post on your chosen platform, for example the most used time on instagram is 10am-1pm, with Tuesdays and Wednesdays being the most popular days.

Aim to post once a day and keep your followers engaged by regularly posting stories and adding in polls.


4. Connect with your audience

Make sure to take the time to reply to comments and messages on your accounts. By connecting with your followers your building an online community and loyal client base ready to book their next appointment!


5. Use #hashtags

Hashtags are a way of getting your posts seen by more people so great for growing your following! You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, however posts with excessive amounts of hashtags are seen as spam so avoid using too many! Creating your own hashtag such as #beautyacademyiam can allow clients to follow your work directly! Encourage your clients to use your hashtag to gain a momentum.

Hope this helps


Abi 🖤


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